Asyluminfo.se has been put together by no border activists and other people who believe in a more open world. We are members of Refugees Welcome Sverige, Centrum för Sociala Rättigheter and RåFILM filmmakers collective with support of many more.

Our aim is to create video lectures about the Swedish asylum system to be used by migrants for their own best interest. Our second goal is to be a part of changing the very unjust asylum system.

Change of tracks (spårbyte) is our first lecture series and we aim to make video lectures about the whole asylum system.

Refugees Welcome Sverige

Refugees Welcome Sverige is a Swedish non-profit organization that works to include refugees in the Swedish society. We believe that cooperation between governments, agencies, non-profits, and citizens is critical to create a long-lasting and humane asylum system in Sweden. We believe that this is crucial in order for Sweden to continue being an open and compassionate country that promote and protect people’s civil rights.
First and foremost, Refugees Welcome Sweden promotes refugees’ human rights in Sweden, and is politically independent. We do this through our members, volunteers, and local chapters.

Read more here: http://www.rwsverige.se/

Centrum för Sociala Rättigheter

Centrum för Sociala Rättigheter [Center for Social Rights] gives legal tools to grassroot movements who work with social change and mobilization in Malmö with surroundings.

We want to explore how law can be creatively applied and become a progressive tool in the hands of those who fight for social rights.

By organizing workshops, legal counselling and printing information material we want to bridge knowledge gaps and make law accessible for more people. Together with grassroot movements we appeal authority decisions and process cases in court, with the combined objectives of creating awareness and influencing the legal practices of the authorities and the courts.

We are living in an unjust society with power structures that give people very unequal possibilities of accessing their rights. The laws of society are created to maintain the current society and structures.

But we, just like most people, hope that society will change. And we would like to be a part of this change.

We know that laws are written by humans with power and that both the ways in which they are written and applied are inherently political.

We want to participate in the discussion about how law and politics are connected, even though law is often considered as being neutral.

We believe that individual rights can be implemented through the self-organization of subordinated groups who try to change their own situations.

”Social rights” means rights for the entire group. Therefore, we collaborate with grassroot movements who organize themselves in solidarity with exposed groups, for example asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, EU-migrants, unemployed and people on sick leave.

Read more here: http://socialarattigheter.se/


RåFILM is a Swedish collective of filmmakers that connect film and activism. Through collaboration we facilitate the production of films that address social issues and have a norm-critical approach.

We do documentaries, animations and fiction film in different formats, organize campaigns and work with educational projects. The organization was founded in year 2000 and now has offices in Malmö and Stockholm.

Over the years our work has been screened and awarded at festival around the world and broadcasted on TV. We also create alternative screening events, often site-specific and related to the topic of the film.

Read more here: http://rafilm.se/